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Apple's New OLED iPhone Decides to Reduce Adoption of RFPCB

Author:Luwis zeng Date:5/22/2018 6:44:31 AM
 According to sources, Apple's new OLED iPhone has decided to reduce the use of flexible printed circuit boards (RFPCBs) to replace the more expensive and less advanced multi-FPCBs.

The South Korean website The Investor reported that RFPCB is a key component for connecting iPhone X embedded chips and panels, and the touch panel of the new OLED iPhone scheduled to be released in September may adopt multilayer flexible printed circuit boards, most of which consider the price And production factors.

At present, South Korea's three major PCB manufacturers, namely LG Innotek, Interflex, and Wing Fung Electronics, all supply RFPCBs, but Apple initially faced a series of problems using RFPCB. For example, before the launch of iPhone X, Taiwan factory did not win orders because it did not meet the quality standards.

The key reason that iPhone X had previously reported a cold weather was the connection problem of the fpc module. Apple has launched a large-scale investigation to this effect, which has also caused short-term suspension of work by several parts suppliers.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will require existing suppliers to switch to supply multi-layer flexible printed circuit boards, increase supply, or change suppliers directly. A South Korean PCB maker revealed that he had previously considered providing multiple layers of flexible printed circuit boards to Apple, but that the prices proposed by Apple were too low.

This year Apple will release three new iPhones, an LCD and two OLED iPhones. The 5.85-inch and 6.46-inch OLED panels will be supplied by Samsung Display (SDI).

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