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Application of FPC in Automotive Electronic Power Battery

Author:Luwis zeng Date:6/27/2018 6:45:42 AM
 The application of flexible circuit board (FPC) in automotive electronic power batteries has recently focused on some things that can be done. Boss asked me to do some more in-depth discussions on various aspects of the battery. I still talk about the development and changes in the various automotive electronics fields in the horizontal direction and the applications in the vertical in a single field.

Sampled wiring harness in several stages

1) The battery module initially extends the pole measuring point to the connector via a wire and is connected to the LECU via the connector. The sampling harness is long, there are many connection points, and no overcurrent fuse mechanism is designed.

The obvious problem here is that if the connector is not carefully considered, the wire harness short circuit will cause several different failure modes.

a) Short circuit between different voltages

b) Short circuit inside ASIC chip

c) Connector condensation and water intake

2) The sampling line uses a circuit board instead of a part of the sampling line

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