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Development direction of flexible circuit board

Author:Luwis Zeng Date:3/9/2018 8:30:17 AM
 The wiring of flexible circuit board in a three-dimensional cut board face to join point, reduce the hard during assembly time and reduce the work in the generated when the circuit component assembly error, improve the stability of circuit board in the electronic equipment, can free bending around the fold in the structure, without fear of breaking.The early flexible circuit is already a lot of, although the volume small weight small can go around high, but the unit price of the soft plate is too high, make at that time only used for space, military and so on use.With the development of science and technology now makes a soft multilayer PCB board has been widely used in various fields, such as medical equipment, power battery, tablets, consumer electronics, smart apparel, automotive radar, etc.
As LED, portable electronics, intelligent wear is widely used, and greatly promote the development of the FPC soft plate, as well as the appearance of the current market of electronic products require more sophisticated reasons, and because of the PCB board and now can't adapt to the appearance of the electronic design, makes the circuit even if the flexible circuit board density board level has not been achieved, but in some consumer electronics and other products can't cut the key components.
Because of the weakness of the FPC, people have made the soft and hard binding board on the foundation of the soft board, which is suitable for almost all electronic products.Combination of hard and soft board product features, in addition to the material is soft, but there is light weight, configuration is very thin/light structure, materials by repeated bending can not appear hard PCB insulation material fracture condition, soft plastic and soft board base material and wire laying, let soft board cannot respond to high current flow, voltage, and so on used in high power electronic circuits can hardly see soft board design, but rather in the small current, low power, consumer electronics, soft plate usage is quite large.It is generally used to adhere different layers of overburden, copper and substrate, and to produce a more extensive soft and hard binding plate.Combination of hard and soft board USES diversification, and manufacturing difficulty is not high, but cannot make line density is too large, too thin makes circuit copper foil is very fine, if undertake around the fold is easy to make internal fracture on line.Because soft plate cost is still the key materials of PI, unit cost is higher, so in the product design, not usually used in soft plate as the main load board, only when there is demand local embedded soft board in accordance with the requirements.

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