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Discussion on welding method of FPC soft cable

Author: Date:11/13/2018 9:02:20 AM
 With the development of electronic development towards miniaturization and miniaturization, the difficulty of manually soldering FPC flexible cable is also increasing. Inadequate carelessness in soldering can damage components or cause poor soldering, so good FPC flexible cable The welding method is particularly important.

   1. When the solder is tin-lead alloy and the soldering surface is copper, the solder first wets the soldering surface. With the occurrence of the wetting phenomenon, the solder gradually diffuses toward the metal copper, forming an adhesion layer on the contact surface between the solder and the metal copper. So that the two are firmly combined, so the solder is completed by three physical and chemical processes of wetting, diffusion and metallurgical bonding.
   2. To achieve a good solder joint, the solder must have a completely oxide-free surface, but once exposed to air, the oxide layer is formed. This oxide layer cannot be cleaned with conventional solvents. The flux chemically interacts with the oxide layer. When the flux removes the oxide layer, the clean surface of the solder is bonded to the solder.
   3. The specific operation steps of soldering iron soldering can be divided into five steps, which are called five-step engineering method. To obtain good welding quality, strict steps must be taken. Welding in steps is one of the keys to good solder joints.
   4. Before soldering FPC flexible cable, observe whether each solder joint (copper skin) is clean and oxidized. When welding the articles, it is necessary to look at the solder joints to avoid short circuits caused by poor soldering of the FPC flexible cable. After using the soldering iron, the tin of the soldering iron should be wiped clean on the sponge.

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