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FPC Technology Development Trend

Author:Luwis zeng Date:5/16/2018 5:28:11 AM
 1, PCB multilayer high-speed, high-frequency and high-heat applications will continue to expand. (New wireless FPC technology, high-speed data transmission, new application programs and high reliability requirements.)
2. More sophisticated HDI boards appear. (Thin, more encrypted lines/spaces, more advanced material requirements for high-end smartphones, | Sip templates.)
3 Advanced Wafer Level Packaging Technology. (For example, a fan-shaped IC package will reduce the demand for organic package substrates.) In at least three years, this market will undergo a major reversal. In the future, high-end computers, data centers, servers, and cloud computing will require Higher-end IC carrier board, because 2.5D packaging cost is too high, will promote the new IC carrier board technology promotion.
4 Flexibility to combine multi-layer circuits may become more popular in the market. (Monitors, sensors, wearable electronics, other applications.)
5 The demand for fine-pitch FPC and low-loss substrate materials grows. The package substrate may use photosensitive media to achieve a 2 micron line width/pitch on a silicon wafer or to create an organic substrate.
6, 3D printing technology in the PCB industry applications have technical difficulties, but because the PCB board is mostly copper, the melting point of copper up to more than 1000 degrees, it is difficult to prepare into a print material, and jet formation of the poor adhesion of the line, as now There are effective methods, copper paste conductivity is not enough, and the spray method is also difficult to do fine lines, 3D printing technology is particularly advantageous in the area of ​​certain model squeal.

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