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FPC board shape

Author:Luwis Date:2/13/2018 6:25:17 AM
 FPC boards can be designed to handle complex folds and shapes, as well as multi-layer wiring instead of single-layer boards, cutting and folding products that can be used to create multi-layer thicknesses or nearly two board lengths . It is not possible for the product to have the softness of the FPC board, but it is also expected that it will maintain its precision during manufacture because of its slight material elasticity and typical structure should expect about 15% rebound.

  Proof and Validation The correct shape of a FPC board is both complex and impractical, as it is always possible to adjust the shape of the product. Relatively heavy bending is easier to maintain the shape, and therefore more able to meet the original definition of the expected appearance. In practice to produce a complete deformation, should be retained as much as possible the conductor metal in the bending zone will be more favorable, because the conductor is lower than the dielectric elasticity. For the same reason, the two-layer structure is easier to shape than the one-layer structure.

  The basic guidelines for FPC board setting are: More metal, less dielectric, easier to set.

  Things to consider when preparing to finalize include:

  1. Add alignment, fold marks, hole in tool (if you want to use tool) on the film

  2. Add FPC board stereotypes of the cross-sectional view to the surface information (but should be avoided too strict size)

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