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FPC pretreatment

Author:Luwis Zeng Date:2/28/2018 4:24:49 AM
 Multi-layer PCB pretreatment Multi-layer PCB board is softer, the factory is not generally vacuum packaging, transportation and storage process easy to absorb moisture in the air, before the SMT cast line for pre-baking, the water slowly forcibly discharged. Otherwise, under the high-temperature impact of reflow soldering, the moisture absorbed by the multi-layer PCB rapidly evaporates into water vapor to protrude into the multi-layer PCB, which easily causes the multi-layer PCB to delaminate and cause blistering and other defects.

Pre-baking conditions are generally 80-100 ℃ temperature 4-8d ~, under special circumstances, the temperature can be raised to 125 ~ C above, but the need to shorten the corresponding baking time. Before baking, be sure to make a sample test to determine whether the multi-layer PCB can withstand the set baking temperature, you can also consult the multi-layer fpc manufacturers to consult the appropriate baking conditions. Baking, multi-layer PCB stack can not be too much, 10-20PNL ~, more appropriate, some multi-layer PCBfi ~ e] Chamber of Commerce put a piece of paper between each PNL isolation, to be confirmed this isolation with the paper Whether the film can withstand the set baking temperature, if it is not necessary to extract the isolation paper after baking. After baking the multilayer PCB should be no significant discoloration, deformation, Qiqiao and other undesirable, subject to IPQC sampling qualified after the vote.

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