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FPC reinforcement board processing

Author:Luwis zeng Date:7/9/2018 9:42:23 AM
 Adhesives are generally film-like, and the two sides are protected by a release film. The adhesive film from which a release film is peeled off is attached to the reinforcing plate, and then the shape and the hole are processed, and then laminated with the flexible printed board by a hot roll lamination method. The dimensional accuracy of the shape is different depending on the materials used. Epoxy fiberglass laminates and rigid sheets of paper-based phenolic laminates can be machined in shape and holes using CNC drilling and milling machines or molds. Polyester and polyimide films can also be processed with a simple die shape. Generally, film-shaped reinforcing plates do not need to process micro-holes, and can be processed by CNC drilling and die. If it can be processed or automated in a short period of time, it will reduce manufacturing costs. Sticking the reinforcing plate to the flexible printed board with the shape and the hole processed is difficult to automate, and the proportion of the processing cost is large, because this operation has to be manually performed, if A piece of flexible printed board requires a plurality of reinforcing plates of different materials, so the cost is increased. On the contrary, if the design is simple or the use of an easy-to-operate jig, the production efficiency is significantly improved, thereby reducing the cost. Every factory has worked hard to improve this process, but it still needs people with certain production skills to operate.

The bonding of the reinforcing plates is pressure sensitive (PSA) and thermosetting, and the labor required for processing is also very different. The use of the pressure-sensitive type is very simple, and the release film on the pressure-sensitive type is torn off, and after being aligned with the position on the flexible printed board, the pressurization can be performed in a short time, even if it is pressed by hand. When a certain bond strength is required, a simple press can be used to apply a pressure of several seconds or by a hot press roll.

    Using a thermoset adhesive is not that simple. Generally, a pressure of 3 to 5 MPa (30 to 50 kg/cm.) and a high temperature of 1 to 60 to 180 °C are required, and it is necessary to press for 30 to 60 minutes. In order not to subject the flexible printed board to stress, the pressure of the reinforcing plate portion must be uniform. If the reinforcing plate portion is simply pressed, the end portion of the reinforcing plate portion may be broken due to stress.

In addition, the double-sided adhesive film with release film on both sides can be used to bond the flexible printed board to the flexible printed board or the flexible printed and rigid printed board, which is equivalent to the half used for the rigid printed board. The solidification process of the solid film is the same as the lamination process of the reinforcing plate.

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