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FPC shape and hole processing technology

Author: Date:8/30/2018 11:10:56 AM
I. Overview
At present, the most used FPC for batch processing is die-cutting. The small-volume FPC and FPC samples are mainly CNC drilling and milling. These technologies are difficult to meet the requirements for dimensional accuracy, especially positional accuracy standards. Now new processing technologies are being applied gradually, such as laser etching, plasma etching, and chemical etching. These new shape processing techniques have very high positional accuracy, especially the chemical etching method, which not only has high positional accuracy, but also has high production efficiency and low process cost. However, these techniques are rarely used alone and are generally used in combination with the die cutting method.
The purpose of classification is FPC shape processing, FPC drilling, FPC groove processing and trimming of related parts. The simple and precise shape requirements are not subject to one-time die cutting. For a substrate with a particularly high precision and a complicated shape, if the processing efficiency of a pair of molds is not necessarily required, the FPC can be processed in several steps, such as a plug portion inserted into a narrow pitch connector and Positioning holes for high-density mounting components, etc.
Two. FPC guide hole
Also known as positioning holes, the processing of general holes is an independent process, but there must be a guiding hole for positioning between the line pattern. The automated process uses a CCD camera to directly identify the positioning mark for positioning, but this device is expensive and has a limited range of applications and is generally not used. The most widely used method is to drill the positioning holes based on the positioning marks on the flexible printed circuit board copper foil. Although this is not a new technology, it can significantly improve the accuracy and production efficiency.
In order to improve the punching accuracy, the positioning holes are machined using a punching method with high precision and less debris.
Third, FPC die cutting
Punching is the processing of holes and shapes on a hydraulic press or crank press with a special mold prepared in advance. Molds are now available in a variety of ways, and other processes sometimes use molds.
Fourth, FPC milling and processing
The processing time for milling is in seconds, very short and low cost. The production of molds is not only expensive but also has a certain period of time, it is difficult to adapt to the trial production and design changes of the urgent parts. The NC data of CNC milling can be operated immediately if it is provided together with the CAD data. The length of milling processing time of each workpiece directly affects the processing cost, and the processing time is also high. Therefore, the processing is suitable for products with low price or short trial time.

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