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Flexibility and reliability of flexible FFC cable circuits

Author:Luwis zeng Date:5/17/2018 9:32:14 PM
 Currently, there are four types of FPC on the market: single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer flexible ffc cable trays and rigid flexible ffc cable trays. They all share common features: flexibility and reliability.

1, single-sided flexible ffc cable panel is the lowest cost, when the electrical performance requirements of the printed board is not high. In single-sided wiring, one-sided flexible FFC cable trays should be used. It has a layer of a chemically etched conductive pattern, and the conductive pattern layer on the surface of the flexible insulating substrate is a rolled copper foil. The insulating substrate may be polyimide, polyethylene terephthalate, aramid fiber ester, and polyvinyl chloride.

2. Double-sided flexible ffc platters are conductive patterns that are etched on both sides of the insulating base film. The metallization holes connect the patterns on both sides of the insulating material to form conductive paths to meet the design and use functions of flexibility. The cover film protects single and double conductors and indicates where the components are placed.

3, multi-layer flexible ffc platoon is to laminate 3 or more layers of single-sided or double-sided flexible circuit together, through the drill collar L, electroplating to form metallized holes, forming conductive paths between different layers. This eliminates the need for complex welding processes. Multilayer circuits have huge functional differences in terms of higher reliability, better thermal conductivity and more convenient assembly performance. When designing the layout, consideration should be given to the interplay between assembly dimensions, layers, and flexibility.

4. The conventional rigid-flex FCC cable board is composed of rigid and flexible substrates selectively laminated together. The structure is tight, with the metallization L forming a conductive connection. If a printed board has components on the front and back sides, rigid flexible ffc platters are a good choice. However, if all the components are on one side, it is more economical to use a double-sided flexible FPC cable board and laminate a layer of FR4 reinforcement on the back.

5, the hybrid structure of the flexible circuit is a multilayer board, the conductive layer is composed of different metals. One 8-layer board use
The FR-4 is used as the inner layer media. Polyimide is used as the outer layer medium. The leads extend from three different directions of the main board. Each lead is made of different metals. Constantan alloys, copper and gold are separate leads. This hybrid structure is mostly used in the low temperature conditions where the electrical signal conversion and heat conversion are critical and the electrical properties are severe. This is the only feasible solution.

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