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Flexible circuit board industry trends

Author:Luwis zeng Date:5/23/2018 8:11:50 AM
 Flexible circuit board structure

CU(Copper foil): E.D. and R.A. copper foil

Cu copper layer, copper skin is divided into RA, Rolled Annealed Copper and ED, Electrodeposited, both due to different manufacturing principles, and the resulting characteristics are not the same, ED copper manufacturing cost is low but fragile in doing Bend (Bending) or Driver (drilling ) When the copper body breaks easily. RA copper has high manufacturing cost but good flexibility, so FPC copper foil is mainly made of RA copper.

A (Adhesive): Acrylic and epoxy thermosetting adhesive

Adhesive is Acrylic and Epoxy.

PI (Kapton): Polyimide

PI is an abbreviation for Polyimide, which is called Kapton on DuPont and has a thickness of 1/1000 inch lmil. Its characteristics are thinness, high temperature resistance, strong resistance to chemicals, and good electrical insulation. The current FPC insulation layer has all Kapton.

Flexible circuit board features

Reduce the volume of application products, save space, significantly reduce the weight, increase the role, reduce costs.

With a high degree of flexibility, three-dimensional wiring, change the shape according to space constraints.

Can fold without affecting the signal transmission function, anti-static interference.

Resistant to high and low temperature, flame resistant.

Chemical changes are stable, stable and reliable.

Providing more relevant solutions for related products can reduce assembly man-hours and errors, and increase the service life of related products.

Flexible circuit board function

The function of the soft board can be divided into four types: lead wire, printed circuit, connector and multi-function integration system.

Leading lines: connections between rigid printed circuit boards, three-dimensional circuits, movable circuits, and high-density circuits.

Printed Circuits: High Density, Thin, Three-dimensional Circuits

Connector: Low cost hard board connection

Multi-function integration system: integration of hard board lead lines and connectors

The soft circuit is the circuit of the switch, which can be used as the circuit layer of the switch, or it can be made separately. It can be made into a silver paste circuit, or it can be made into a FPC process. The process can be identified according to the customer's requirements. Our engineering proposal If there are a lot of LED lights or components on the line, it is recommended to use the FPC process to make it, so that the quality will be guaranteed in all aspects including quality.

Soft circuit spacing is 2.54MM 1.0MM, 1.25MM, can be divided into these three, if you need to use the pin 2.54, if you do not need to insert the pin, the terminal link is recommended according to the terminal Requires to walk the line.

Application of flexible circuit boards

Flexible circuit boards are widely used in commercial electronic devices, automotive dashboards, printers, hard drives, floppy drives, fax machines, mobile phones for automobiles, general phones, notebook computers, cameras, video cameras, CD-ROMs, Hard disk, watch, computer, camera, medical equipment and other electronic products and equipment.

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