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How to quickly identify FPC circuit board

Author:Luwis Zeng Date:3/3/2018 1:40:17 AM
FPC circuit board according to industrial production needs from the structure, the process can be divided into: single panel, double panel, multi-layer board, soft and hard combination board and special craft board.Single panel can call a single layer board again, it is the simplest FPC soft plate, generally is composed of base material + + copper foil covering membrane + cellophane tape, copper foil for etching process to get need circuit, such as drilling in protective film to show the corresponding welding plate, after cleaning again by pressing the two together.Then it is protected by electroplating or tin plating on the exposed soldering plate.So the big board is ready.It is usually pressed into the corresponding small circuit boards.There is also no protection film and directly on the copper foil to seal the welding layer, so the cost will be lower, but the mechanical strength of the circuit board will be worse.Unless the strength requirement is not high but the price needs to be as low as possible, it is better to apply the protection film method.Double panel is due to the need of the line too much, not on a sheet of cloth all the lines, then the rest on another piece of FPC board line of cloth, then two boards pressing to a piece.We get a double panel, and you can see the two sides of it are wired, and that's the double panel.Due to the advent of high-frequency medium base material in the 1990s, FPC circuit board was developed in a way that made the FPC circuit board no longer limited to single side and double-sided.Instead, a multilayer FPC circuit board can be pressed into one piece, and a larger one is a multilayer board.Now the most widely used is the multilayer board and the soft and hard board.The hard and hard board is to make the circuit board not only flexible but also the rigid hardness of PCB, which is the advantage of the soft board and hard board. The soft and hard board is the most widely used in the present application.Special FPC board technology can be divided into two kinds: of surface treatment and shape a heavy gold surface treatment way, anti-oxidation, gold-plated, tin and so on, usually due to the special circuit boards have existence environment of PCB demand higher than normal, special processing of circuit board industry general applications than the general circuit board high-end.Processing is due to the appearance, the appearance of electronic products has been set, embedded space for circuit board is fixed, requires to shape the line class, processing way, hand shape processing, numerical control machine tool cutting, laser cutting processing.
According to the combination of the base material and the copper foil, it can be divided into two parts: the adhesive rolling soft plate and the glue-free pressing plate.Among them, the soft board is more flexible than the flexible plate, which is more flexible than the soft plate.The parameters of various aspects are better than those with glue, but the price is higher and the defective rate is higher, which is generally applicable to high-end and sophisticated industries.

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