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How to rationally arrange working hours for FPC practitioners

Author:Luwis zeng Date:8/15/2018 10:12:01 AM
 1. Arrange working hours reasonably
   Many FPC practitioners are complaining about too much work, too busy, working overtime every day, and even having no time for appointments. In fact, there are many times when you find that you have not arranged your work reasonably, so you will be in a hurry.

   In fact, every night, write down the work to be done the next day, and arrange these things according to their importance. The next day, just follow the recorded order to complete the work one by one. Many FPC people often waste time thinking about how to find customers. This kind of work can be done by using the work plan for tomorrow.

   2. Learn how to call
   If you have to make a lot of calls every day, do you have the skills to learn to call? Some FPC people always can't say the key when they call, and the party who picks up the phone thinks that you are very unprofessional and the order is very unclear.

   In fact, it is not your ability problem. It just makes you nervous when you answer the phone. You forget what you wanted to say before. If you have this problem, you may call what you want to say. Write it down with a pen, and when you call, you will avoid being misunderstood.

   3. Don't waste time on “ready to start”
   Many FPC people like to make all kinds of preparations when they receive new jobs. When you feel that everything is ready to start working, you have actually wasted a lot of time. The time you have wasted may be enough for you to complete a new job. So, when you get a new job, do it right away, don't think about it, let go of all your concerns, and get into work right away is the king, so you will be surprised by your work efficiency.

   FPC people please remember that when you complete a job efficiently or solve a problem, you not only save time, but also make your superiors and colleagues look at you.

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