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How to test the printed circuit board

Author:Luwis Date:2/13/2018 10:58:52 PM
 Circuit board testing principles and computer inspection principles are almost all look after the test, the first easy hard. PCB testing methods in the end what exactly, please read on.
First: visual inspection, through the visual understanding of the phenomenon of failure to understand the phenomenon of failure help to the next step of the analysis of the analysis, including the process of analysis, observation, smell, measurement. Ask is to ask the user the phenomenon of failure, is caused by improper use of the fault or normal operation of the sudden failure, there is to ask before this board has not been repaired by others, moving what components.
Second: look is through careful observation of electronic components, there is no obvious discoloration, signs of charring, whether there is Weld, welding and so on. If necessary, you can use a magnifying glass to observe.
Third: smell, smell what smell smell, once the integrated circuits (especially high-power devices) are burned will emit the smell of rotten eggs.
Fourth: measurement that is measured, measured by the analysis to identify the faulty device, the measurement of static measurement (ie, without power measurement printed circuit board) and power measurement.

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