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Preparation before FPC assembly

Author:Luwis Zeng Date:3/8/2018 8:01:51 AM
 These need to be prepared for the FPC softboard due to the characteristics of the materials and the connection problems, so some processes need to be done before SMT assembly:
1. Polyimide dielectric or any material to absorb moisture, need to be carried out under the temperature of 125 degrees bake for an hour, this is based on different soft board structure, multilayer soft board is combined with hard and soft board take longer to remove moisture, bake is best done in 15 minutes after the completion of welding don't put off a long time.
2. It is necessary to keep the distance from the plate to maintain the separation of the hard body and the first layer of the soft plate, because the space is needed to confirm the welding uniformity.
3. The protruding contact bolt is often specified beyond the solder inner circle, and the typical appearance is 0.062in.To meet this requirement, the bolt must be cut to the correct length to provide the height of the distance from the board plus the soft plate, the inner rounded corner and the raised height.This requires the use of sharp shearing tools to maintain the minimum margins, as the edges can cause interference between the soft plate assembly and the hardware, and may damage insulation and gaskets.
4. If a simple glue or bar is made, it can be processed with a stereotyped coating, which may be an occlusion or other open device.
5. If there is gold in the connector bolt, the bolt should be pre-dipped in the correct solder alloy to verify the weldability and auxiliary fast soft plate lap.
6. It is necessary to inspect some soft boards before assembly, and the FPC flex board and all hardware items should be confirmed well before being combined.
7. Planning inspection and testing in advance can avoid excessive human consumption.It is necessary to conduct contact testing through the final assembly of electrical tests.
Although not all of the soft board is using polyimide resin material as soft plate material production, many other material production of FPC soft board under the environment of high temperature welding, short-circuit phenomenon can occur, so keep Suggestions for assembly yield or polyimide materials used to make soft board.

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