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Printed circuit board two sharp tools

Author:Luwis Zeng Date:2/26/2018 8:57:39 AM
 Printed circuit board contains the PCB and FPC board, FPC is growing very quickly in recent years has become a dark horse in the PCB industry, just as with the LED in the electronics industry, developed.How the circuit board can occupy the market in the future electronics industry, I summarize, mainly rely on the following two advantages.
1. Multi-layer structure of the circuit.
Modern electronic products to the requirement of function and precision is very high, it requires a very populated circuits, circuit board itself can be quite a number of distribution line, using multi-layer structure with the configuration of the line density can be terrible.Multilayer circuit board has a multi-layer soft plate and multilayer board, actually in the capel engaged in such a long time, suit to use hard board is designed for laminated multilayer design, though soft board is using multilayer design, but such a soft board will lose its ability to bend itself, thus some do more harm than good.The material of the soft plate is larger, so there will be deviation when drilling and laminating, and the requirement of production technology is higher.However, some customers need to reduce the weight and thickness of the time when they do not care about bending capacity.
2. Free connection bend of PCB board.
This is more important in the circuit board, is now the main appeal, 3 c electronic products continuously shortening of the product in the face of the volume and weight, the demand for a variety of electronic parts accessories for higher requirements.The bending capacity of the soft board can break the space to the circuit board, and the technology that breaks the space plane connection is the very urgent need of the electronic products in the future.Remove can reduce the use of connectors, in the process of module connection makes the circuit assembly structure more compact, the structure of the soft board besides can provide dynamic deflection external stereo space connection between each other can make full use of electronic internal space.
Above when it comes to the next stage are two circuit boards continue to solid position in electronic products of two weapons, multilayer stack with each other can meet demands more electronic development, soft soft board is a slam-dunk circuit break through the traditional space structure.

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