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Author: Date:2/7/2018 8:11:09 PM
 Shenzhen Leap Electronic co., LTD is a technology enterprise specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling circuit board (FPC).The company mainly produces the capacitance screen FPC, flexible circuit board, single-sided, double-sided flexible circuit board, multi-layer flexible circuit boards, fingerprint identification FPC, FPC, mobile phone camera FPC, FPC line line, FPC FPC, TP screen LCD screen, medical FPC, vehicle-mounted FPC board, soft hard couple, etc.Undertake drawing processing, sample processing, FPC proofing, provide online quotation.
Our company USES the circuit board design software AutoCAD, CAM350.From FPC design to MI one-stop completion;Intention and we will according to the customer to the product structure changed the design of the structure, and to provide information for reasonable optimization, achieve customer convenient to use and product performance is superior.
"Integrity management" is our enterprise belief;"Survival and development "is your common ideal.Shenzhen shuangzhen technology co., LTD. All colleagues will win the customer satisfaction and letter resistance as the work mission;Make us the first choice for our customers;To make our customers our lifetime customers.

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