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Smart Wear Product Market Analysis

Author: Date:5/3/2018 7:50:30 AM
 The rise of smart wearable products has been applauded by countless people, but with the bankruptcy of several major giants in the smart wear industry bankruptcy, they changed careers (pebble collapsed). Smart wear seems to be becoming more and more of a tasteless, but unfortunately chewing tasteless, seems to be a true portrayal of smart wear.
The smart bracelet that was fired a few years ago. Xiao Bian bought a piece with the big stream. Now he doesn't know where to throw it. The only one of these smart products that comes out of its own style is a blood glucose test bracelet. Only the functions that people are interested in and valued are placed in smart products to gain the trust of consumers. Instead of blindly engaging in various functions with Hulun, adding a smart title, this will only give people a little more money after the meal. There is no benefit to sales. The original closure of the smart wear giants collapsed. , Changing careers, for smart wearable products is also played a cooling effect of cold air, smart wearable market is weak. Smart wear: smart shoes, smart gloves, smart rings, etc., which many people know, but the number of people buying is very small. This is another two-sided reason? Xiao Bian summed up a few points:
1. Most smarts only impose gimmicks. There is no shortage of products in this category. Many of them add clothing, gloves and other functions directly (performance is still not very good), plus a smart name. The head was sold. Such as: Smart gloves with heating function, this function is not to put the function of gloves and electric blankets together to put together a piece of it? So just to add a charging treasure to the electric blanket is only a blanket?
2. The price issue, this is the main aspect. These slick products are still expensive, and they are willing to buy. You say that your price is high. The function of your things is better. Xiaobian tells everyone a new feature I can only see on the Internet. It can only be gloves (it is an ordinary leather glove plus an electronic watch). What's the function of the seller? The seller replied: You can look at the time (I mention this feature I have to spurt out of an old blood). Why do I have to add a digital watch if I have a cell phone? Seller: You can watch the time when you are busy. How long did it take for me to hurry and even have a mobile phone? This function I recognized, there is no function. Seller: What kind of function do you want to bring with a 98 dollar glove? Conversation is mainly here.... An ordinary thirty or forty gloves plus an electronic watch will be close to one hundred.
3. There is no standard for this piece of electronic products. Since various smart products have not yet become systems and there is no special supervision, there is no uniform standard for the proliferation of such products. The atmosphere is not practical.
4. Intelligent wear or run-in period, the real electronic giants also have the intention to produce and sell smart wearable electronic products, but some electronics manufacturers cooperating with Kabre said that smart wear is still in an experimental run-in period. We do not want to The products sold were bad and ruined the industry. This is a smart wristband developed in cooperation with us that can detect physical health indicators. The fpc flexible circuit boards we produce for these smart wearables are test boards for test collection of various data. I hope that there will be smart wear that people really need in the future.
The above is why the smart wear that Xiaobian summed up was why the market was hot, but consumers did not buy it. After finishing the shortcomings, we now look at the prospects for the future.
Smart wear is definitely a very promising industry, but it has not yet been identified, just like the smartphones of the past. Before the apple did not appear, the mobile phone market is just like the smart wear nowadays. There are many kinds of smart phones, all of which are called smart phones. However, when the iphone came up with a standard, all the manufacturers seemed to have found the same benchmarks and they had today’s intelligence. The scene of the mobile phone flourishing. Smart wear nowadays lacks a major R&D direction. Xiao Bian thinks that people’s attention to physical health has reached a point of concern for the people: health, fitness, exercise, etc. These words have fallen on everyone.
The combination of physical detection and smart wear is a promising combination. Imagine the following to be able to pay attention to their physical state at any time and alert the user when a problem occurs. Many people may have to say: These are the things of electronic medical equipment. Is it a little bit similar to what you mentioned above? Absolutely not, electronic products have never had any function for certain, just like the mobile phone at that time (what did you say about the mobile phone above) How many smart phones did the industry hit: MP3, MP4, Walkman, etc. These are mobile phones robbed? Their function? This argument is unreasonable in the electronics industry. The electronics industry is who does well and whose function is more convenient and whose function is who.
Wear these smart wearable products with detection function on your body, you can read the body's data at any time, there is a problem, you can conduct these data out, go to the hospital as long as the data to the doctor, so you can make Judgment, save a lot of time. (Do not wait in line for a visit to the hospital.)
Of course, it is not just that this function can be combined with smart wear. Any smart wearable product that people will effectively win will be recognized by those who win. Now that smart mink has been hot, what is missing is an actual product. .

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