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Strengthen FPC factory management improve management system and increase production efficiency

Author:Luwis zeng Date:5/11/2018 10:22:34 AM
 The central task of the workshop is production, and raising the workshop management level around production is the basic direction of workshop management. For this reason, the workshop should establish a sound and powerful production organization under the leadership of the FPC factory production command system. According to the planned tasks assigned by FPC's factory department, production and work tasks are arranged for the various sections of the workshop, and a balanced production is organized so that people, money, and goods can be effectively operated and the best economic benefits can be achieved.

2, improve the workshop management system

     Under the premise of implementing the FPC factory's rules and regulations, the workshop shall, in accordance with its own characteristics, formulate various management systems as well as various organizational and workshop directors and functional groups within the workshop, including internal functional groups, work sections, and shifts, in accordance with the principle of economic responsibility. The job responsibilities and work standards of the long, section chiefs, team leaders, technicians, workers, etc. There are people in charge of everything, everyone has a full-time job, there are standards for work, inspection has a basis, and strengthen the lean production management of our company's workshop.

3, strengthen the labor organization

     Labor is the most crucial factor in the three elements of productivity. Human behavior influences the completion of goals. When organizing production, the workshop must strive to create a good production environment for its employees, study scientific labor organizations and methods of operation, formulate advanced and reasonable quotas, implement salary incentives based on work, and continuously improve the technical and cultural level of workers. To enable workers to work comfortably and skillfully to work, and constantly improve labor productivity.

4, strengthen the process of discipline

     The workshop production process is both the process of product formation and the consumption of various resources. In order to produce high-quality, low-consumption products, we must strengthen process discipline, strict technical management, improve consumption and quality management systems, and strive to reduce production costs and improve product quality while ensuring production tasks. The various elements in the production process are organized in the most optimized way, most rationally and effectively, so as to achieve the highest economic benefits.

5. Engage in technological innovation and promote technological progress

     The workshop must ensure high efficiency and high quality to fully complete the production tasks assigned by the company to the workshop. It is necessary to carry out large-scale technological transformations in a planned manner, transform old equipment with new technologies and new processes, and plan, organize and control reasonably and effectively. The workshop's technical and economic activities make the products produced by the workshop and the adopted methods and equipments technologically advanced and economically reasonable. Technically ensure that the workshop improves production efficiency to promote the development of productivity.

6, good management, good use of fixed assets

     Machinery and equipment are the main means of workshop production. In order to ensure the completion of production tasks, the workshop must continuously improve the utilization rate and intact rate of equipment, establish a scientific system for the use and maintenance of equipment, supervise the use of equipment, regularly organize equipment repairs and minor repairs, and continuously strengthen the management of equipment and tools. Prevent equipment and personal accidents, protect workers' health, achieve high output, stable production, high quality, low consumption and safe production.

7. Strengthen accounting work

     The workshop is the internal accounting unit of our company. Workshop accounting consists of three parts: technical accounting, statistical accounting and economic accounting. Whether a FPC plant can obtain good economic benefits depends largely on the production and operation efficiency of each workshop, and the production and operation efficiency can only be effectively reflected, controlled and supervised through accounting. By strengthening the accounting work of the workshop and knowing what it is, we can put forward practical and feasible improvement measures for all aspects of the work of the workshop so that the management level of the workshop can be continuously improved.

8, establish a shop index system

     According to the problems to be solved in workshop management and the objectives to be achieved, a set of evaluation index systems that can fully reflect the purpose and measure the merits of the solutions are established. Then, the required values ​​of these objectives and the performance characteristics of the objectives are determined.

9. Workshop profit evaluation

     The analysis and evaluation of the workshop management system is based on the evaluation of the value as the standard, that is, the ratio of the economic benefits, social benefits, and input-output generated. The workshop's evaluation of the management system is mainly evaluated from the perspective of profit, that is, comprehensive consideration of revenue and expenses. The evaluation is based on the model, and it is measured by the amount of profit through mathematical analysis.

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