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The measuring unit involved in circuit board production

Author:Luwis Zeng Date:3/2/2018 5:16:06 AM
 In the PCB production from just friends may encounter this problem, is that you would like to introduce a customer to use "mm mm when the thickness of the PCB to introduce, customer ask you how many mil is when all of a sudden will become speechless.The foreign customer asked a salesperson how many inches it was.The units described below are the units used in different processes for the production of circuit boards:
M- meter, the base material length and width of the circuit board are relatively large, usually using rice to count.
CM- CM, this unit is usually the description unit of the board after the circuit board is opened.
MM- MM, this unit is used in the FPC circuit board production process to use more, thickness and the long and wide dimension of circuit board are used this unit to measure commonly.
UM- micron, this is the copper foil of the circuit board and cover film, the thickness unit of the base material of pure glue, is also the smallest unit in the common unit.
IN addition, there are IN- inches, MIL- MIL, UIN- micro - inch, OZ- OZ.
The above is the calculation unit used in circuit board production, and the following is the conversion ratio of all the above units: 1MM=1000UM 1IN=1000MIL=106UIN 1OZ=35UM 1IN= 2.54cm = 25.4mm = 25.4mm =25.4UM 1UM=39.37MIL=40UIN.
1 uin = 0.0254 UM
In addition to the above units, at the time of circuit board to heavy gold will use to a smaller unit is "Michael", this step is not a car above the 1.6 km unit, it is to point to in the thickness of the circuit board above heavy gold to use to calculate.One Michael is equal to 0.01um.

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