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The process flow and process description of the process of double - faced soft plate manufacturing

Author: Date:2/9/2018 2:00:25 AM
 The process flow of the double-side flexible circuit board black hole is: clean/adjust -- wash -- go to ion wash -- cold air dry -- black hole solution, hot air dry, black hole solution -- dry -- microerosion -- wash -- air dry -- electroplating copper.
Process description:
1. Cleaning: use a weak alkaline cleaner to remove grease from the surface of the plate to ensure that no other magazines are in the slot.
2. Water cleaning: it is to remove the residue on the surface of the hole and board.
3. The whole hole treatment: the black hole has negative charge in the black hole, and the negative charge on the surface of the hole wall resin after drilling is mutually repulsive, and the adsorption effect of carbon black can be directly affected by the non-electrostatic adsorption.By adjusting the positive charge of the adjuvant, the negative charge on the surface of the resin can be neutralized until the resin is positively charged, so as to adsorb the carbon black.
4. Water cleaning: excess adjustment fluid in the cleaning hole and surface residue.
5. Black hole treatment: through physical adsorption, the surface of the pore wall substrate adsorbs a uniform and detailed carbon black conductive layer.
6. Water cleaning: clean the hole and excess residual liquid on the surface.
7. Drying: in order to remove moisture from the adsorption layer, the adhesion between carbon black and the surface of the pore wall substrate can be enhanced by using short time high temperature and long time low temperature treatment.
8. Microetching treatment: first, the alkali metal boron salt solution was used to make the carbon black layer to be slightly swelling, and the micropore channels were generated.This is because in the process of black Kong Hua, carbon black not only by adsorption on the hole wall, but also adsorption layer, copper ring and copper layer on the substrate surface, to ensure that the combination of electroplating copper and copper matrix have good, the carbon black on the copper must be removed.To this end, only the carbon black layer produces the microporous channel to be removed by the etching solution.For etching liquid through the production of carbon black layer pore channel erosion to the copper layer, and makes the copper surface micro erosion around 1-2 microns, the copper on the carbon black was removed, for no junction and non-conductor of hole wall base material of carbon black on keeping the original state, provide direct plating with excellent conductive layer.
9. Inspection: use a magnifying glass or other tools to check whether the surface of the hole is complete and uniform.
10. Electroplated copper: charged into the tank, and the shock current is used to ensure that the conductive coating is completely covered.

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