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What is the relationship between PI and FPC circuit board

Author:Luwis Zeng Date:3/7/2018 7:35:11 AM
 PI refers to a kind of polyimide resin material, now this material is widely used in various fields, is a kind of performance is very good material, some say PI is to promote the reform of electronic product trademark materials.We mainly use circuit board and PI to get along position and function to explain.
PI is a very high temperature resistant material used in space and space technology.There are two main types of PI in the circuit board.
1. As a circuit board substrate.
This is most of the circuit boards are used in the material, base webmaster if you have played an important role in enhancement and upset, is mainly due to the circuit board copper foil is very thin, not enough to separate support glue and cladding.In this position, PI is mainly composed of multiple layers of PI, which is of thickness, and the single layer of PI is also very thin.
PI is not the only one as the substrate material, while others, such as: PET, FR4, ET, etc., but the soft board at the time of production is affected by the material increases and sex, in order to produce the problem such as yield and efficiency in the production of FPC soft plate when most are based on PI used as insulation materials, unless the customer requires the use of other materials.
2. As a covering film.
The single layer fpc of PI is very thin, and the PI has a variety of properties, not only high temperature, but also excellent in wear and insulation.So where the circuit boards goldfinger, often using PI ACTS as a protective film, the role of is mainly due to the gold finger takes a connector for embedded number, use common covering membrane after a long time is gold finger injury easily.

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