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rigid flex printed circuit board production

Author:Luwis Zeng Date:2/26/2018 8:19:54 PM
 1. What are the rigid flex printed circuit boards?
The birth and development of FPC (flexible board) and PCB (hard board) have led to the new product of rigid flex printed circuit  board.Therefore, the combination of rigid flex printed circuit  board, it is the flexible circuit board with rigid circuit board, after pressing process, according to the requirements of relevant technology together, forming characteristics of FPC characteristics and PCB circuit boards.
2. Application field
rigid flex printed circuit  boards are widely used, such as the iPhone and other high-end smart phones.High-end bluetooth headset (for signal transmission distance);Intelligent wearable devices;Robot;Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav);Curved display;High-end industrial control equipment;It can be seen in aerospace and other fields.With the development of smart devices to high integration, lightweight, miniaturization, and industry 4.0, new requirements for personalized production are proposed.With its excellent physical characteristics, the soft and hard binding board is sure to shine brightly in the near future.
3. Advantages and disadvantages of rigid flex printed circuit combination version.
Advantages: it has the excellent characteristics of PCB and FPC, which can be folded, bent, reduced space, and can weld complex components.At the same time, the line has a longer life, more reliable stability, not easy to break off the oxidation loss.Great help in improving product performance.
Disadvantages: the production process of soft and hard combination plate is various, the production difficulty is big, the good product rate is lower, the material that is invested, the manpower is more, therefore, its price is more expensive, the production cycle is longer.

4. Our company makes the advantages of soft and hard board:
Have high-end production equipment, the quality system is complete;
Have more than 10 years of rich technology accumulation in the field of circuit board;
The best technologist in the field of soft and hard board,
The core technologist is the inventor of more than 50 patents for invention;
The ability to supply high - end multi - layer rigid flex printed circuit  board.

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