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what is the difference bettween fpc and rigid pcb board

Author:Luwis zeng Date:5/10/2018 2:45:06 AM
 PCB (Printed Circuit Board), the Chinese name for the printed circuit board, also known as wiring circuit board, It is an important electronic component,aslo the electronic component support and the electronic component of the electrical connection carrier. Because it is made using electronic printing, it is called a "printed" circuit board.

Where is the difference between flexible printed circuit and rigid board?

PCB production process:

1, contact the manufacturer

First, you need to contact the manufacturer, then register the customer number, and someone will quote you, place orders, and follow up on the production schedule.

2, cut fabrications

Objective: According to the requirements of the engineering data MI, we are going to cut the large sheets that meet the requirements into small pieces of production board. Small sheets that meet customer requirements.

Process: big sheet → cutting board according to MI requirements → seesaw board → beer fillets → edging → out board

3, drilling

Objective: According to the engineering data, drill the desired hole diameter in the corresponding position on the board that meets the required size.

Process: Stacked Pins → Upper Plate → Drilled → Lower Plate → Inspections → Repairs

4, sink copper

4. Objective : To deposit copper on the wall of insulating hole by chemical method.

Process: coarse grinding → hanging plate → automatic copper sink → lower plate → dip % diluted H2SO4 → thick copper

5, graphics transfer

Purpose: Graphical transfer is to transfer the image on the film to the board

Process: (blue oil process): grinding plate → printing the first side → drying → printing the second side → drying → exposure → shadowing → inspection; (dry film process): hemp plate → laminating → standing → pair Bit → Exposure → Resting → Impact → Check

6, graphic plating

Purpose: Pattern plating is to plate a layer of copper to the required thickness and the required thickness of gold or tin on the bare copper skin or hole wall of the circuit pattern.

Process: upper plate → degreasing → washing twice → micro etching → washing → pickling → copper plating → washing → pickling → tin plating → washing → lower plate

7, film removal

Objective : To remove the anti - plating film by NaOH solution to expose the non - copper layer.

Process: Water film: insert frame → alkali soak → rinse → scrub → over machine; dry film: put plate → over machine

8, etching

Purpose: Etching is the use of chemical reaction method to etch away the non-line copper layer.

9, green oil

Purpose: Green oil is the transfer of the green oil film to the board, which plays a role in protecting the circuit and blocking the soldering of parts.

Process: grinding plate → printing photosensitive green oil → seesaw plate → exposure → shadowing; grinding plate → printing first side → baking plate → printing second side → baking plate

10 characters

Purpose: Characters are an easy-to-identify marker

Process: After the end of the green oil → cooling stand-by → transfer → print character → rear

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