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what need to do when produce FPC board

Author:Luwis Zeng Date:3/5/2018 8:14:44 PM
 fpc circuit board production process will use a lot of work processes, finishing the following three categories: mechanical operation, chemical production, high temperature operation.
1. Mechanical operation
The use of mechanical production circuit board steps are: cut material cutting, drilling, laser cutting and other production steps. Due to the mechanical stability of these steps, the test is the mechanical proficiency and production experience of the production personnel, who are generally those who have long been producing circuit boards.
Chemical production
This step includes: electroplating, etching, gum removal, solution cleaning. Electroplating is divided into electroplating vias and electroplating gold finger two parts, electroplating through-hole is to make multi-layer board can be turned on, and gold is to enhance the finger wear resistance, electroplating gold on the finger called hard Gold is generally used for the cable above (often combined with the connector need to wear strong ability), Shen gold is mainly to prevent oxidation, although the two surface treatment are to prevent oxidation and wear, but the emphasis is not the same. Etching is a working procedure that involves the use of an acid-base etching circuit. The difficulty with this procedure is the subsequent disposal of the spent solution by etching. These solutions contain heavy metals that can not be directly discharged and require processing. We explained in the previous article Do not repeat here. In addition to plastic and cleaning are generally used to use plasma cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning, the difference between the two is that plasma cleaning can be completely removed clothing and environmentally friendly pollution-free, but the higher cost. Ultrasonic cleaning of the circuit board is the residue of substances, these residues may lead to post-press and other procedures have problems, but at lower cost.
3 high temperature operation
This step includes: Pressing, baking, welding. Compared with the pressure and baking environment, welding can be said to be a pleasure (Xiaobian said to the workers), these steps are made in accordance with the process such as: how long the pressure, temperature, baking How long, how many degrees of heat. Are produced according to the process.

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